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Supporting cross border cooperation in the business environment and promotion of the region identity Dolj  – Olt – Pleven – Vidin – Montana



Lead Beneficiary (name/country)


Romanian Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation – AroTT
Number of the partners 5
Area (s) of the project


Romania Counties Dolj, Olt;

Bulgaria District Pleven, Vidin, Montana

Total value 425437


Project objectives




General objective: Sustainable economic development of the regions Dolj, Olt, Pleven, Vidin, Montana by presenting the possibilities of the area in order to attract foreign investment;

Specific objective: Identification and presentation of the proposed cross-border opportunities Dolj, Olt, Pleven, Vidin, through specific measures and means

Project activities Development of common strategy for sustainable development in the fields of business in Dolj, Olt, Pleven Montana; promotional campaign of the regions provided for the inhabitants of these regions – film; local public authorities and SMEs: 6 workshops; organization of an exhibition and a round table; organization of regional conferences; 4 economic missions, 6 press conferences, development of net of Shareholders at the regional level; activities on the visualization
Project results 1 common strategy for sustainable development in the field of business in the region; 1 portal for presentation of the regions; 1 film for presentation of the regions; 25000 beneficiaries of the film; 6 workshops (120 participants); 1 Presentation and Roundtable (30 exhibitors); 4 economic missions (80 participants), 1 International Conference and (40 participants); 1 created network of Shareholders; 12 electronic newsletters
Target groups 2,500 people from business; 700 representatives of local authorities; inhabitants of the region   Dolj – Olt – Pleven-Vidin-Montana
Duration of the implementation (months) 18