Stiliyan Varbanov Varbanov
Stiliyan Varbanov Varbanov Executive Director
I am founder and member of the Board of the Association. Already in 2004 under PHARE program we began the implementation of bilateral projects and so in 2007 we got the idea for establishment of Bulgarian-Romanian association. Since then I led the implementation of several cross-border projects, all completed with achievement of the intended results.
Svetlana Emilova Dimitrova-Sotirova
Svetlana Emilova Dimitrova-Sotirova Project coordinator
Considering my pedagogical education, I believe in the positive transformative role of quality education and also that it gives a choice of opportunities for development. I am happy that I got just such an opportunity and in 2011 became part of the tireless team of the Association. For me, work has always meant responsibility and dedication. My main feature is the ambition and I believe that correctly matched with enough willing, effective use of information and time organization, the success is guaranteed. I appreciate calmness and feeling of a job well done and I think these are the things to which one must always strive in their careers.
Outside of my professional experience, I like to meet different people, to dedicate my time to good causes and to do sports.
Iliana Valentinova Georgieva
Iliana Valentinova Georgieva Communication Manager
I am in the organization since the end of 2009. Following to the rule that “All good things happen by accident”, in the middle of my career accidentally I found “my job”. Since then I developed and continue developing many personal and professional qualities. I understand perfectly that I can deal with organizing events, working with media, communicate with business owners and project partners. Successfully completed ventures inspire me with confidence for new ones and for expanding the scope of activities territorially, and in terms of target groups and thematic focus. My pedagogic and economic education, continuous learning and my desire to help people are the foundation of my successful development as a professional and a person as well.
Snezhana Petrova Cholakova
Snezhana Petrova Cholakova Financial Expert
Working in a leading organization in the management and development of projects co-financed by the ERDF under Programme CBC Romania – Bulgaria is a challenge. Despite my long-years professional experience, work here offered me the opportunity for greater competence in the management of EU financed projects. I think this is the right direction of development not only personally, but as a whole for our country.
Diana Tzvetanova Miteva
Diana Tzvetanova Miteva Financial Expert
I work in the organization by middle of 2013. What inspires me and motivates my work? Here I have the opportunity to test the strength of my ideas and meet many different people. I have a precious opportunity in an increasingly globalized world to communicate with international partners, to get acquainted with cultural differences and learn from the successful experience of our partners. I find here the necessary doses of inspiration, freedom and creativity